Now there is a question you may not have asked yourself before. Do you know the answers? More importantly do you know whether your website could reasonably be included in this section, or whether it falls well short?

Every website of this nature has something in common with the others in this field. They all want to attract more clients. However there all have different ways of going about this aim, with some achieving far better results than others.


Yes, clarity. It’s amazing how many financial websites don’t tick this box. Their websites might seem logical and understandable to the people who work in this field. Alas, the same may not be true for the people who are looking to hire a financial adviser for some reason. Since these are the very people the best financial websites are aiming to reach, doesn’t it make sense to ensure clarity is top of the list of elements to include?

All the best financial websites do achieve this aim. If your potential clients are arriving on your website and hightailing it out of there as soon as they arrive, you need to ask yourself why. A lack of clarity, leading to a sense of nothing but confusion, could be the answer.

A positive message

The need for positivity cannot be stressed enough. You will often hear words such as eye-catching, engaging and dynamic when looking at the best financial websites. However, positivity should be another word to add to this list. Your website needs to engage with the visitor immediately and ideally bring a positive message to the table as well. If the visitor feels confused or overwhelmed by the amount of information given to them on the all-important home page, they might well go elsewhere. Stay positive and keep it short too, if you want to keep them on your site for longer.

Easy navigation

A lot of thought goes into the home page of any website. However if visitors decide to explore a site in more depth they will need to go beyond that page to see more. This makes easy navigation a must. Navigation should be made possible with good wording too. Some websites fall into the trap of using highly-corporate wording that really puts off a casual visitor who might be looking for assistance. Keeping your business accessible through an easy to navigate website will do wonders for what you could potentially achieve.

As you can see there is much to think about if you want your website to come into the realm of the best financial websites out there today. While it may be asking too much to become one of the very best, there is every chance your site could be highly-rated. This may mean tweaking the site you have now to get better results, or starting from scratch to see what can be achieved.

Decide how to approach your website so you stand a chance of being among the best financial websites around today.

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