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Are you a creative professional with a keen eye for the graphic design needs of financial services? At CreativeAdviser, we are a digital and creative agency specialising in bespoke logo design, branding and graphic design for UK financial planners, wealth managers and other niche financial firms. Find out more about our company below, and how you could make a difference in this important sector.

Do you like being part of a small, close-knit team which supports one another and works according to a lean business model? At our financial creative agency, we work hard to keep our culture and work environment personable and professional, allowing space for new ideas.

We recognise that creative people come into their element in different environments. Some prefer the atmosphere of an office, whilst others like to work from home or elsewhere, remotely. Whatever your needs, our Bristol graphic design roles provide a high degree of flexibility.

Creativity also thrives when we have mental energy and breathing space needed for new ideas to come forward. At CreativeAdviser, we place a high emphasis on working hard and delivering results, whilst keeping work in perspective and keeping it from taking over.

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How graphic design helps the financial sector

Our graphic design jobs are mainly based in Bristol, where our office is located. However, we are not limited to one area and employ people across the UK to deliver our design solutions to the financial sector. We focus our work primarily towards financial planners and advisers, with other companies also forming an important part of our remit such as mortgage brokers, investment manager and finance businesses. We primarily provide value to our clients by raising their brand profile through excellent design services, helping them build trust within their sector and strengthen their own client relationships. Other ways we help include:

Financial newsletters

Much of financial marketing these days occurs online, and many of our clients need an excellent newsletter to regularly go out to their clients as a valuable brand touchpoint. These not only need to be excellently written, but also cleverly and beautifully designed to maintain brand consistency and high impact. This latter part is where you would help, as a graphic designer taking up a job with us here in Bristol.

Content Marketing

Many of our financial planning clients need a bespoke, branded brochure for their client meetings. Often, other graphic design deliverables include a client folder, corporate stationary and social media graphics (e.g. infographics showing investment growth over a period of time). We need our graphic design team to have a strong awareness of what works well for financial firms in their content marketing, and to leverage their creative experience to provide excellent ongoing value to our clients.

Branding projects

Our flagship projects include the Transform Your Firm creative programme, which takes a financial firm though a complete branding journey. We need graphic designers who can help our senior team with the heavy lifting involved with this work, particularly through providing brand guidelines and assisting with important pieces of brand collateral design. As you grow in your experience, we would hope that you would also be able to move into the more conceptual, strategic work involved with these large creative projects.

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Our Values

Bristol Graphic Design Jobs which follow

It’s important that you know what drives us here at CreativeAdviser, and for you to see how you can fit into our vision. Here are our V.A.L.V.E values:

Value driven

Everything starts with the customer and adding outstanding value in everything we do.


Our attitude determines our altitude. Having a positive, open and honest attitude that puts the team and clients first.


Always learning, improving, iterating, trying new things and listening to our customers.


Principled and ethically driven, serving and thinking of others with trust and integrity.


Innovation, passion and a desire to create new products and services.