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A Working Professional’s Guide to Financial Planning

Are you a financial adviser or planner looking to add value to your successful, entrepreneurial clients? Our 2018-19, downloadable financial planning guide for working professionals is a fantastic resource to gift to them. Written by financial advisers, fully up-to-date and integrated with your logo and brand colours, take your financial marketing and content strategy to a new level with our dedicated guide, today.

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A valuable resource for working professionals

Your clients who are working professionals face a number of different issues in their financial lives. Wouldn’t it be enormously helpful for them to have access to a valuable guide which addresses them, and helps tie these areas together? By offering them our financial planning guide for working professionals, you can help them resolve their pain points and also reinforce their perception of you as a trusted thought leader.

The guide’s checklist includes:
Setting your goals
Preparing for ill-health
Pension review
Family protection
Retirement planning
Tax efficient investing
Excerpt from the guide

Success doesn’t happen by accident. You have worked hard in your career, improved your skills, leveraged your network and taken opportunities where they have arisen. It has demanded careful planning and prioritisation, particularly if you have a family or other responsibilities.

Yet few working professionals apply this level of dedication to planning for the future. By starting to engage with this process, you are already miles ahead of many of your peers.

Perhaps your goal is a dream home, a first-class education for your children or a comfortable retirement. We will help you to quantify your objectives. This is the key first step towards financial security. The second (equally important) step, which many people neglect, is to protect what you have now. Saving for your goals and maximising investment returns is the fun part, but without an emergency fund and adequate protection in place, even the most comprehensive of plans can fail when the worst happens. We will guide you through the pitfalls and ensure that the risks are covered.

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