In recent years, a great deal of time has been devoted in teaching websites various methods to help increase their exposure. Words like SEO, analytics, Google Carousel and rankings are some of the latest catch phrases around the Internet. While this is all true, what good are these efforts if a website is dull and boring to the visitor? This is especially relevant when referring to the design and functionality of an independent financial adviser’s homepage. With such a specific industry, there are some factors that need to be considered which other sites may be able to overlook. The point is simple: the more appealing an IFA website is to the visitor, the more likely that it is he or she will request more information and choose the services that are provided. So, let’s take a quick look at some top tips to give your website the edge that it needs.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

An IFA will seek to build relationships with clients from the ground-up. So, personality is very important. Visitors need to know who they are dealing with and by providing a picture of the advisor (or advisors) of the company, visitors will be presented with the “human” side of the business as opposed to merely a name and a title.

Think Colour

Although some may consider the world of finance to be rather black and white, a website should never be. Presentation is king; recall that even the colours used on a homepage will speak volumes about the company itself. Vibrant pastels and shades of green (naturally) are eye-catching and will tie together a site nicely. They hint at modernity and while being easy on the eyes, such colours also convey a sense of friendliness. This is the very same reason that he waiting area inside a bank is interspersed with colour. Naturally, the tones of a site should not be overpowering, but rather they should reflect the down-to-earth values of the company.

The “One Minute Rule”

This rule states that generally, a visitor will spend between thirty seconds and one minute browsing a site to encounter what he or she is looking for. Should they not find the required information within this time period, they are highly likely to return to their previous search results to find a more relevant company. So, it is important that the site’s landing page is easy to navigate. All links should be clearly displayed and they should be placed in an area where they are one of the first aspects of the site that are encountered. If a visitor can easily find the required information, they will be much more likely to engage with the site further. After all, an IFA is known for clarity and reliability…should a site not reflect the very same character traits?

These are some of the best tips that can help an independent financial advisor’s website gain the appeal and the functionality that will serve to attract more visitors and with a bit of time and effort, attract a great client base.