When it comes to branding for financial businesses, you need to make sure you’ve considered how your brand will look across all areas of design. Your website, social media, newsletters, and business cards all need to have the ‘brand’ treatment – and fonts play a huge part in the design. Here are the main reasons why choosing the right font matters for your financial brand.


1 – Character

Just like your handwriting says a lot about who you are as a person, your font choice also expresses exactly who you are as a brand. Graphic designers often use cursive of looped fonts to express elegance and delicacy, while thick capitalised fonts can work to represent boldness and confidence. Using the correct font can help to define your brand, and help to give a more personal touch.


2 – Consistency

Fonts help to provide consistency for your brand across all aspects of your financial business. Similar to brand colours, a brand only needs a small variety of fonts to choose from, that can each be used multiple times, across multiple platforms. Ideally, you only need one font, but this may not always be possible. Ensure you never go over 3, to keep things simple and easy to understand for your audience.


3 – Brand Recognition

Following on from consistency, a distinct and consistent front helps to improve brand recognition. Having the same font in your logo, as on your website and other aspects of your brand design help to establish a specific brand look for your business. When used often, your audience will begin to associate the font with your brand, giving you another way to establish brand recognition. This again highlights the importance of choosing a font that accurately conveys your brand character and personality.


4 – Hierarch

Alongside establishing the specific font/s that you wish to use, you should also focus on the size and colours you want to use for the font. Size and colour help to establish hierarchy, and controls which parts of the content your audience will focus on first. For example, using a pop of colour and a bigger size will immediately draw viewers attention, allowing you to highlight key information as well as be more creative with the design. This can be especially important for websites, where you can place important messages throughout the page rather than all at the top of the page.



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