Copywriting for Financial Firms

Copywriting for the financial industry can be difficult. The topics covered and the language used are often more complicated and ‘serious’ than other industries. Yet the content still needs to be exciting and engage your audience.

Whether you’re writing financial planning articles, an email newsletter, or simply website copy, there are a few copywriting strategies that every financial planner should know.

CreativeAdviser specialises in creating high-quality digital content for financial planners, including financial blogs and articles. In this article, we discuss the top strategies you can use to keep your financial copywriting clear and consistent across all areas.


1 – Use the Active Voice

When it comes to making clear and engaging copy, you should always choose active language. In simple terms, this means speaking directly to the reader [you], and in the first person [our clients]. The active voice sounds like a one on one conversation in the reader’s head and instantly makes them part of the copy. This creates interest, as well as helps to make complicated topics less confusing.


2 – Create a Brand Tone of Voice – and Use it.

Your brand tone of voice should be part of your general marketing strategy. It should reflect your brand values, as well as appeal directly to your target audience. Once you decide on this tone, it should be easy to create consistent communication. This means the type of content (website copy, articles, email newsletters, social media captions, podcasts, video scripts), as well as the topics of the content (industry news, services, case studies).


3 – Speak in Exact Terms

There is a lot of jargon in the finance world, and at times it can be tempting to replace them with ‘buzzwords’ or common phrases in order to make the text easier to understand. In the long run, however, this is more likely to work against you. These phrases may not exactly explain the services you’re offering or the news story you’re discussing. It’s more effective to use the correct phrase, and then supplement it with a short and sweet explanation if necessary. This way you get your clear message across and help to educate your audience.


4 – Find a Unique Angle

A trick that many copywriters use is to find an angle that isn’t being used by your competition. Not only does this make you appear unique in the eyes of your audience, it can often help your SEO rankings as you tend to use different key phrases to others. There are a number of angles you can use (such as ‘fomo’, ‘no risk’, ‘now or never’), just make sure they match the topic you’re talking about.


5 – Is it Really not Working? Go Elsewhere!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, writing about a topic just isn’t enough. If you have a particular topic that is difficult or long-winded to explain, there’s no reason why you can’t supplement your copy with videos, podcasts, images, or PDFs. Extra content helps to bring your copy to life, and improve clarity.

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