Financial services are one of the more complex and challenging industries, where everyone has their particular specialism. Due to this, it makes sense that when hiring a financial marketing team you employ those who specialise in financial marketing – including copywriters.


How is Financial Copywriting Different from Other Copywriting?

From blog posts to website content and email newsletters, copy plays a huge part in bringing traffic to your business and then converting that traffic to paying clients. Specialist financial copywriters can produce copy for a large number of purposes. Unlike other industries, financial copywriting is about encouraging sales, and educating your audience.

Financial copywriters have the skills and the knowledge to explain complex things in simple terms, while telling a story to help effectively communicate your message, brand and services.


Engage and Convert, While Keeping to Regulations

The world of financial services is complex. Finance is heavily regulated, whether you’re offering advice or attempting to sell a financial product/service, a financial content writer will need to be able to produce quality content that is effective while meeting legal requirements at all times. Every bit of information must be clear and accurate, with no margin for error – something a good financial copywriter will be able to deliver consistently.

This is particularly true when it comes to adverts and promotions. The Financial Conduct Authority has strict requirements when it comes to financial promotions, the main one being that they cannot be misleading to the audience in any way. A professional financial copywriter will be acutely aware of how to produce fully-compliant ad copy, that will still be compelling to potential clients.


Appeal to Every Possible Audience Member

Financial services is a broad field. Your company likely offers a wide range of services that each appeal to a different type of audience. A financial copywriter will be able to create specific content that will each appeal directly to various potential clients. From blog posts to the actual website content itself, the more targeted your content the more likely it is to convert.


Offer Value, Educate and Become an Industry Leader

Alongside providing tailored content, your financial copywriter will be able to create content that your audience will see as adding value. The most effective form of online digital content is useful content. The more you add value by educating your audience on topics they care about, the more likely they are to look towards your brand and business as a trustworthy source – in turn, placing you into the role of an industry leader.

If you’re looking to grow traffic to your website, increase your subscriber list, and grow more clients – the expertise of a specialist financial copywriter is something you should invest in.


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