Some huge financial companies have logos that are instantly recognisable amid a sea of competition. Even if their name isn’t used as part of the logo you can probably pick it out without consciously reaching for the answer.

This is how powerful a great logo can be. Financial logos are just as powerful as the best ones in many other business areas. But does the same apply when the business in question is a relatively small one?

Take your business for example. If you have a successful business but it is a mere baby compared to the financial behemoths that abound elsewhere in the business, you may wonder whether it is wise to get a logo at all. After all aren’t there more important things to worry about – such as finding customers and keeping them for example?

This is a fair point. However, financial logos can pack a real punch that a whole paragraph of words cannot. Of course it is your choice at the end of the day whether to have a logo for your business or not. Many businesses use them in conjunction with a strong website design and many other features as well. For example, having a good tag line helps tell people what your business is all about, instead of simply listing your business name. A logo can help back all this up and strengthen your message. In short, a good logo can always add rather than take away.

Another important point to bear in mind when you are considering how to use financial logos is they support your brand and message across a variety of platforms. For example you can add your logo to your email signature. You can add it to your website on every single page in the header where it will be clearly seen. You can add it to letterheads and compliments slips as well: and maybe even add it to your vehicle if you have one for business purposes.

In short, your logo can become familiar if you let it be so. Financial logos do come in all shapes and sizes though, and unless you are an expert in the field it can be difficult to figure out what your logo should be. This is why it always pays dividends to hire a designer to create your logo for you. Unless you have excellent design skills to fall back on you should always consider going to the pros for this task. They can also provide a few suggestions for you to choose from before coming up with the ideal solution in your case.

There are plenty of reasons why you might focus on other aspects of your business prior to even considering getting a logo. But as we have seen here, it has a far more powerful role to play than you might think. Consider it more carefully today and you might be on the road to strengthening your brand more powerfully than ever before.