When most of us think about logo design, we envision graphics, colours and font types. Of course, all of these are critical in giving your brand the visual “pop” that is needed to attract a customer base. This is the primary reason as to why graphical design artists have been employed for decades in order to help you better reach your customer base. However, the age of the Internet has added an extra facet to this approach. Thanks to Google algorithms, their webmasters and the importance of coding in terms of SEO, more thought needs to go into this design than ever before. While some posts may present this in a rather complicated fashion, the concept is actually quite simple. So, why is your logo so very important in terms of search engines and what steps can you take to gain greater exposure? Let’s have a closer look at these points.

The Changing Requirements of Google

We first need to once again appreciate the ways in which Google has changed. It is now focusing on what is known as organic traffic. In other words, this is traffic generated by humans. Google now looks down upon ANY text that is written for their algorithms alone. So, the same needs to go into logo design. It should also be mentioned that Google does not employ thousands of analysts to simply wade through websites and see which logos they prefer the best. All of this is done with software. This software will not look at the design of your logo, its colour scheme or is textual appeal. Instead, it analyses the coding behind the text. More importantly, the words which comprise your logo will say a great deal about your site. This is one of the reasons as to why many sites will offer a logo which offers the company name and a short description. An example can be seen in:

“ABC Financing: Catering to Your Small-Business Needs”

In this sense, both the name of the company and its major focus group are included within the text of the logo. This makes it easier for Google to recognise which industry is relevant and thus, such a company will normally place slightly higher in terms of SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

Simpler is Better

It has been said before and it needs to be said again. Not only does a simple logo generate more intrinsic appeal in reference to the viewer, but in Google’s eyes, simple is indeed better. A simple text behind the logo will enable a clearer categorisation into its search results. A complicated logo can actually hinder this ability and of course, inbound traffic to your financial site will likewise suffer. While this not may be as serious of an infraction as misplaced or black-hat SEO techniques, in the work of marketing, every visitor counts.

So, never forget that your logo is just as appealing (or displeasing) to Google as it is to your customers. These methods are a great way to enhance your exposure in the virtual and the organic world.