Any financial firm will be known for the services that they provide and the manner in which they are provided. However, online marketing needs to be taken carefully into account. In other words, the way your company presents itself (the logo and associated branding) will have a pronounced and lasting impact upon your ultimate success in the online community. If you are like most, you are already quite aware of the pivotal role that such an image will play. Still, appreciating how often to use your logo and knowing where to place it within your site will also have a drastic overall associative effect upon your readers. It is a good idea to take a look at this concept in a bit greater detail.

Your Main Page

It is only natural that you will place your logo at the top of the homepage. This banner will be the first impression that any visitor to your site will have. You can choose to display the logo in large letters or instead have it only appear slightly larger than the proceeding text. The truth of the matter is that this variable is entirely up to you. The only thing to remember is that you never wish to have your logo overpower the text below.

Successive Pages

This second concept is one that is unfortunately not followed by some web designers. What you are intending to do is to psychologically “cement” into the minds of the visitors your logo and its association with the financial services that you offer. So, maintain your logo on each and every subsequent page. It should be found in the same place and at both the top and the bottom. This ubiquitous presence will serve as a reinforcement of your company’s mission statement, goals and intentions.

Another Option

On method that has been used with great success appears a bit counterintuitive to many traditional ideas. As opposed to allowing a logo to “pop”, many financial firms are instead choosing to display a mission statement or a tag line on their main page. Their logo is only found along the top or bottom of this page; effectively promoting action over static design. This has been seen to produce many positive effects and is worthwhile trying. However, be aware that the statement needs to match the “feel” of the logo to achieve the desired results.

The truth of the matter is that the financial world is highly competitive. Thus, you will likely need to endure a certain amount of trial and error before you stumble across the exact formula for your success. This should be done away from the public eye. Many successful financial marketing professionals have sat down at their desk on a quiet evening and doodled for hours before finally encountering what they feel is the best logo and branding. In fact, this is a great idea to practice on occasion and there is nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation. You will likely be pleasantly surprised at the end results of your efforts!