You might think this question is rather like the one that refers to the length of a piece of string. However this isn’t the case. While some logos are colourful and work well, those using more than a couple of colours are few and far between.

There are good reasons for this. Generally speaking the more colours you use for a logo – whatever type of business it is for – the more complex and complicated it becomes. And as the experts in this area will tell you, complex takes away the power of a really good logo.

This holds true when it comes to financial logos just as it does with others used in marketing various businesses. A good logo is designed to represent your business, and you don’t want anything too complex if you wish to do the job properly.

If you doubt this, think about all the logos you have ever come across. The most familiar and striking ones are those that accurately represent the business and what it stands for. They are also likely to have just one or two colours present in their design. There are exceptions of course, such as Lego for example. This has the word in white writing with yellow and black borders and a red background, but it is one of the few logos that bucks the trend and does it well. There are many others that consist of just the one or two colours we have mentioned above. Think of Starbucks, Shell, Coca Cola and Harrods for instance.

Financial logos will benefit from simplicity and a strong powerful brand. You need to be sure your business looks good and that it comes across in the right way. The only way to do this is to have your logo professionally designed. Oftentimes someone with no experience who tries to create their own logo puts too much into it. You need to put some thought into it of course, not to mention bearing in mind all the most important aspects of your business.

It is difficult to say where the idea for the ideal logo comes from. It results from bringing lots of thoughts and ideas together and letting the best of them rise to the surface. The more experience someone has in logo creation the easier it is to create something that really means something to you and to your business.

If your business is already represented by a particular colour in some way, or you have a specific colour in mind to use, this can be represented in your logo. Alternatively you may want to start from scratch and have a new logo designed that will form an integral part of your entire marketing approach. Whatever the case may be you can make sure you get the best and most appropriate logo for your business without it becoming too complex. Financial logos carry a lot of power if they are done right, so it makes sense to ensure they are.