A financial logo is a fickle thing. There are no firm rules in place, no tick boxes to complete, to let you know you’ve created something that works. Most of the time it’s merely a sense of achieving something that works, rather than being able to point at specific things. It’s certainly very different to creating content referring to specific aspects of a topic, where you can check stage-by-stage that you’ve written what’s required.

Instead, financial logos are subjective – at least to an extent. One person may love them while another hates them with a passion. How can you be sure your financial logo is going to be remembered for all the right reasons?

Perhaps the best way to do this is to hire a logo expert to create one for you. You may be tempted to use free services or ones that cost a mere few pounds. Yet these are generally services that are worth little more than that. A few pounds will not buy you the expertise of someone who has extensive experience of the financial industry. Furthermore it will not buy you the expertise, time and hard work of someone who knows what goes into an excellent logo.

In a sense you have to invest to get the best results. This applies to many other areas of business so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it relates to logos as well. A logo is a vital part of your branding. It will be replicated on your website, your compliments slips, your letterheads and your business cards. As such it is vital that you have something that works. If the logo you opt for is dreadful (it could happen) that awfulness will be replicated across your entire business. If it looks basic your entire business will look basic and cheap as well.

Not the kind of image you want to portray when you are an independent financial adviser, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Instead, professionalism has to be conveyed within that financial logo. If this doesn’t happen it could lead someone to go elsewhere – even if your business could have served all their financial needs.

It is hard to underestimate how important it is to make sure your logo is easy to remember and exceptionally powerful to boot. It doesn’t have to be complex or clever; in fact this can often backfire. Instead it should be powerful enough to represent your business in a positive way. Think of the many familiar logos that exist today. Even if they do not contain the names of the companies using them, they are still instantly recognisable. They still bring to mind an opinion of that company and (hopefully) instil brand loyalty as well.

That’s why many smart business people – independent financial advisers included – will make sure they go to a professional to have a great financial logo designed for them. When you think about it, it makes smart sense to choose this route.