Financial marketing used to be all about print ads and a few promotions a year. But as any financial marketing agency worth their salt knows; in 2019 that just won’t cut it anymore.

In the digital sphere, the financial sector is increasingly becoming savvier about their marketing. Here are the top 3 trends that your financial marketing agency should be following to get ahead:


1 Even Higher Respect for Digital

Over the last few years, the big banks have learned how to effectively utilise their online presence to raise their turnover – and much of the financial industry has followed. Respect for digital and social presence has always been high, but it’s only growing and growing. With new platforms being developed every day, you need to make sure your financial firm stays ahead of the curve by keeping a close eye on what’s happening and, more importantly, how it can be effectively utilised in the financial industry.


2 Exciting Technology Developments

The financial industry has seen a wealth of new and exciting technical developments over the last few years. From interactive cashpoints to chatbot customer service platforms, technology is changing the face of finance and in turn marketing. As a financial firm, you need to make sure you keep your audience up to date on these developments. People want to know how changes will directly affect them and will trust you if they hear it from your mouth (or newsletter) first.


3 Ever Changing Products

Wearable digital products, such as the Apple Watch, were not too long ago seen as expensive products of the future. Nowadays, almost everyone you meet has some kind of wearable or portable tech on them. From a marketing perspective, this has further cemented the public need for instant, on the go results – and this includes their finances. As a business, you need to enable your clients to give their clients quick and direct access to their services, to keep up with on-demand consumerism.

Financial marketing is beginning to gain respect across the marketing industry and is growing at lightning speed. By keeping up with these new trends, you’ll be sure to keep your financial firm above the rest.



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