Nowadays people access the internet in all manner of different ways. It is not just a matter of using a desktop computer or laptop to go online anymore. Instead people are using smart phones and tablets of all sizes to go online too. This means many people are viewing internet pages on much smaller screens than we were used to in the past.

So if your financial marketing is aimed only at those who go online via their computers, you could be missing out on a major slice of potential customers. If you have ever tried viewing a website on a smart phone you will know how difficult it can be. You end up squinting at an unfeasibly small screen and struggle to read anything. Eventually you give up and go to another website that has a mobile version of its regular site.

When you go about your financial marketing for your own site, you must bear this type of experience in mind. You need a website design that is created to be used on all kinds of different platforms, including smart phones and various different makes and models of tablets. Since more and more people are accessing the internet in these ways, it makes sense to ensure you can appeal to them as well as your regular audience.

In truth you never know when people are going to need your services. If they are out and about and they suddenly remember they need to look for an independent financial adviser, or come to that decision, you need to be there. You need to know your website can be user friendly and ready to appeal to them on a mobile platform. If this isn’t yet part of your financial marketing strategy, you need to make it as such, as quickly as possible.

You can be sure your competitors will have included this in their financial marketing efforts. To this end you need to make sure you are approaching the task of financial marketing in the right way, appealing to every potential customer that may come your way. This is an ongoing process, to be sure, but it is also a process you can build into your initial website design. The more people you can reach with your website, whether it is the mobile version or not, the more chance you have of finding more customers.

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