A high-quality financial newsletter needs to contain more than various offers and adverts for your business. You need to deliver something that engages your audience. Your newsletter should have different types of content that they can’t get readily from our blogs or website. This way your newsletter is fresh, and something valuable they will want to subscribe to. We’ve put together the top 5 types of content you can include in your financial newsletter, to make it stand above the competition.


1 Case Studies & Success Stories

Everyone loves a good success story, but no more so than your clients. After all, they’re the ones who want to know exactly how you can help them achieve their own goals. Giving clear examples of what your business can do for them will make your audience feel in safe hands with you, either keeping them as a customer or transforming them into a new one. Just make sure you focus on WHY you were able to make it a success, so your audience know the reasoning behind it.


2 FAQs

The financial industry is a complex one. You may be finding that customers are coming to you regularly with the same questions, or are there certain topics that are difficult for people without a degree in finance to understand. Creating an FAQ article provides your audience with key information in a simple to digest format. In addition, if your audience feels like they learn something valuable from your newsletter, they’re far more likely to say subscribed.


3 Interview With An Industry Expert

In a similar vein to the point above, you can add value to your newsletter by giving space over to a financial expert. It doesn’t have to be the same person each time, just make sure the person is someone interesting, with a high level of knowledge and someone who people will want to hear from.


4 Industry News Round-Up

For many of your audience, your newsletter will be their main source of financial information. Rounding up the major events and changes that occur in the industry will make your audience consider you a reliable source of information. Make sure you also outline what the effects on the industry will be, this will help to show that your business is happy to move with new developments.


5 Seasonal Tips and Advice.

Seasonal articles are perfect if you have a monthly newsletter, but can also be utilised with ones that are sent out more regularly. You can easily capture your audience’s attention by talking about something that is already at the front of their mind. Money management over the Christmas period is one of the most obvious, and effective, topics that can easily make your financial newsletter have an impact.



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