A ‘thought leader’ is a person, brand or business who is a recognized authority in a particular field, and whose ideas influence and guide others.

When it comes to financial marketing, it is important to position yourself as a thought leader in order to be known as an industry leader. This authoritative position is the most effective way of creating a large audience of loyal and engaged potential customers, as you continually add value and create trust.

While there are numerous ways you can use financial marketing to become a thought leader, your financial newsletter is the easiest and most effective place to start. Your newsletter should already be full of value-adding information, here are 3 ways to further leverage that content to help you on your journey to becoming an industry thought leader.


1 – Continually Build Your Online Platform

To become a thought leader you need to make sure your online presence is structured and consistent. While your financial newsletter should be able to stand alone, it should also match the tone and style of your website, social media and any other aspects of your digital content.

Being consistent allows your audience to see everything you offer and the full extent of the value you bring. The most simple way to do this is to consistently provide links from your newsletter to your website and socials. The larger you build your online platform, the more you will be able to organically build your audience.


2 – Focus On Other Authority Channels

As you grow into an industry thought leader, think about having your services, or online content showcased on other authority channels. Whether you’re interviewing on a podcast, or one of your blogs is featured on an external website, showcasing your business on other platforms is not only a great way to be seen by a wide audience, but also presents you as a respected figure by others in your field.

Visibility is a great way to build on your thought leadership position. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your feature elsewhere will be seen by your current audience. Be sure to use your newsletter to highlight where else you’ve been featured recently and link them to the content.


3 – Produce Expert Level Content

Your digital content should always add value. Consumers look for services from brands that are experts and that they can trust. The content you produce within your newsletter should be focused on addressing pain points, but also educating your audience.

When creating your content, it should always appear as if it has come from an expert. Focus on advanced topics and link back to any old content you’re produced that sits nicely alongside your current newsletter. If you have the time, it can also be worth organising your content so it is easily searchable by your audience.


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