Financial email newsletters have long been the basis of financial marketing campaigns. They’re key for providing value to your audience, creating an industry-leading voice for your brand, and creating sales.

However, email newsletters are far more effective when used in line with your wider marketing strategy. Here we look at a few ways you can seamlessly integrate your newsletter with other aspects of your digital marketing, in particular social media and blogs.


Email Newsletter and Social Media Integration

  • Add social media sharing buttons to your newsletters – adding social media sharing and follow buttons to your emails is a simple and effective way to extend the reach of your content beyond your current subscribers. Allowing your audience to share your newsletter on their social media also increases your opportunity of generating new leads.
  • Grow your subscriber list through social media – In a similar move to the point above, another simple way to combine your email and social media efforts is to place calls to actions on your social media posts to sign up to your email list. Make sure you clearly outline the benefits to joining and be sure it relates to your post. A simple ‘like this, learn more with our monthly newsletter’ can be very effective.
  • Send newsletters based on social media insights – Use your social media data to influence your newsletters. You can tailor your content to your most successful posts, as well as segment your emails to members of your audience who are more engaged with your brand than others.


Email Newsletter and Blog Integration

  • Utilise the footer of your blog page – Best practice is to include a call to action at the end of each blog page. While this is commonly reserved for highlighting your services and products, it can also be utilised to encourage your readers to sign up to your newsletter list.
  • Schedule your content for maximum impact – You blog and email content should often share common themes that work together. For example, in the lead up to Christmas, you may be offering advice in your newsletter on how to budget for the festive season. It makes sense for your blog to feature similar information – just make sure the content is similar but not the same!
  • Add a ‘highlight’ section to your newsletter – While it is likely that you already feature new blogs on your email newsletter, don’t forget about bringing attention to your previous blogs. Article content is made to be evergreen, so be sure to share popular posts, or ‘highlights’, from 6 months or more ago.


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