Financial newsletters are an extremely effective marketing tool when it comes to generating revenue. There comes a point, however, where every newsletter starts to become ‘stale’.

Maybe your click-through rate is starting to drop? Or, perhaps the number of people clicking unsubscribe is growing? Whatever the issue may be, our handy financial newsletter checklist will help you create something that is fresh, exciting and high converting.


1 – Go back to your data

Before you start on the content, you might need to go back to the start and think about who you’re sending your newsletter to. Go back over your subscriber data and paint a picture of your audience. Think about the best ways you could add value to their lives, and consider if your recent newsletters have been achieving that. Any content that is missing the mark, remove it and don’t repeat it.


2 – Segment your subscribers

Once you’ve gone over your data, it’s time to consider segmentation. If you’re new to segmentation, now is the time to start. It enables you to send the most relevant information to your audience, helping to keep them engaged with your business. If you already group your subscribers, go back over it to make sure they are accurate.


3 – Design a content plan and schedule

Do you plan out your newsletter content? Or do you simply decide what to send out on a month-by-month, week-by-week basis? If it’s the latter, taking the time to plan out your communication carefully can have a huge positive impact on your conversion rate. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated, just make sure you note what, when and who.


4 – Revamp your design templates

When was the last time you took a look at the actual design on your newsletter? Sending out communication with the same design for years on end can actually start to turn off long-term subscribers, as they will start to see your content as dated. Many email automation software solutions come with pre-made templates, take some time to switch up your newsletter design, making it feel fresh and modern.


5 – Think about your landing pages

When someone clicks on a button from your newsletter, where does it take them? If your landing pages are dull, or convoluted people will quickly get turned off from your content damaging your click-through rate. Before you send a newsletter, take time to make sure each of your landing pages is eye-catching and easy to understand.


6 – Test your newsletter

It is best practice to send a test email before you schedule it to go out to your subscribers. This gives you a chance to ensure all images and text are displaying properly, buttons are taking people to the correct place, it views correctly on mobile and desktop, and (most importantly) it isn’t being sent to your subscribers’ junk folders.


7 – Let people share your content

Adding ‘forward to a friend’ or social media sharing buttons to your e-newsletters is one of the most simple and effective ways to grow your subscribers. It means your content has a much higher chance of being seen by people outside your mailing list, who will be encouraged to sign up.


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