How much does the design of your website affect the results it brings you? You’d be surprised at the answer. Even the smallest change can make a big difference to the amount of enquiries and new clients your website can bring you. Should it be any surprise that a complete redesign could change things even more dramatically than that?

If you are new to the financial industry and you have yet to set up a proper website, you are probably considering what type of design to go for. The more professional your website is the more likely it is your business will do well. However this is particularly important when you are in the financial services industry. People won’t trust any aspect of their finances with you if your website looks any less than 110% professional. This is why a strong financial website design is imperative to the future of your business.

Let’s get back to conversion rates too, because a successful website isn’t just about bringing in the traffic. It’s about bringing in results. It matters little if you manage to bring in 1,000 visitors a day if none of them take action to get in touch with your business to find out more about using your services. It is far better to get 10% of that visitor total and have just four or five people a day actually going on to use your services. If you do the maths you’ll see how sensible this approach is.

Of course, some websites seem hell bent on discouraging people from getting involved with your business. A good financial website design makes it easy for someone to arrive on any page, find out what your business is about and to contact you from that point. If the web design isn’t strong enough it can lead to disappointing results – even when everything you have to offer is laid out (somewhere) on your site.

As you can see, if you have a website already and you aren’t getting the results you want, it might be worth considering a change. A new website could make the difference you have been looking for and catapult your business into the position you have always wanted it to be in. There is a lot of competition in every business sector today, and that means it can be challenging to try and get the results you want. Your website could be the one difference you have been looking to make. If you are determined to get ahead of the competition, now is the time to examine whether a brand new financial website design will make that difference.

Even if the existing site you have has worked for you in the past, it may not continue to work now. If you want to change things and you want them to change for the better, contact the experts to ensure you get the website you really want. You’ll look back on it and realise what a good decision you made.