Whether you’re about to start a brand new financial business, or are thinking about refreshing your current online presence, it’s likely that your business website will play a starring role.

There are a lot of different options available when it comes to website design and development, but the main starting point is usually the choice between a custom/bespoke website, or a template/theme-based website.

At first, it may seem like a strange choice, as you might think at the outset that the end result will feel largely the same. You’re going to end up with a functioning website, after all. The main difference is that with a template, you chose an existing design at an affordable price. Whereas with a bespoke website, an experienced designer and developer will code the site to create a unique website which distinguishes you more clearly from the competition.

So which is the right choice for you? We’ve gone through the main advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can be sure to pick the best type of website design your business.


Template Website

With a template website, all of the functionality is provided within a pre-made set of code. All of the necessary work you will need to take on the site will involve adjusting the template to create a website that matches your vision. Therefore, it will take some time and researching at first to find a template that closely matches what you want to achieve from your website.



These websites are far quicker to build due to their simplicity. In fact, you could create a functioning website without the need for a developer. This means they are the more affordable option, and probably the right choice is budget is your determining factor.



The amount of customisation you can do with a template-based website is quite limited. Also, since they are available to the public, 1000’s of other websites could be using the same template as you. You won’t be able to achieve a truly unique look or functionality. Template websites are also often full of features you don’t need, but also can’t remove. This can lead to slow loading times, as well as not giving you full control over how your website works.


Bespoke/Custom Built Websites

With a bespoke website, the options of for appearance and functionality are essentially unlimited. Before you hire a developer to work on your website make sure you discuss with them your needs and vision, they will then be able to provide recommendations that will help you use your site to reach your goals.



Bespoke websites can grow and develop alongside your business, as any future expansion and changes to the site can be implemented with very little hassle. Custom coding gives you full control over how your site performs and functions, enabling you to create a unique online presence that will help you stand out against the competition.



A bespoke website does cost more than a template. This is down to the length of time it takes to create and implement, as the site is being built from the ground up.

Are you still unsure which website design is right for you? Talk to your agency! They will be able to look at your business objectives and offer you the right solution that suits all of your needs.



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