There is a big difference between being jealous and being envious. This applies just as much to the best financial websites in the world as it does to anything else in life. Jealousy isn’t something you should aim for or be guilty of – not if you can help it. It is all consuming and negative in tone.

Enviousness however – well, that is a different thing altogether. You can be envious of many things. It speaks of a secret admiration for the focus of your attentions. You want to be where they are and to have achieved what they have achieved. But unlike jealousy, enviousness does not consume you in a bad way. Instead, being envious of a superb quality financial website could be the best thing to be in order to propel you closer to achieving the very same standards.

Changing your point of view

It is entirely natural to look at the best financial websites online and to wish your own website was as good as theirs. However, it is very draining to envy them their success. Instead, why not change your view and look at their site in a more pro-active way?

If you do this you can focus on what makes their website so good. Is there anything that immediately springs to mind and catches your eye? What can you learn from these elements? Make a note of them and compare them to your own site so you can see what you could do to improve things. You can then use this as a starting point for making those improvements so your own site starts to improve its status. You may never get to be on the same level as the sites you are studying, but you will see improvements.

How can you learn from the best financial websites online today?

The more often you study these websites the more you will learn from them. In fact, studying them regularly will alert you to any changes they make. Ask yourself why the changes are made and what effect they have. Continue to compare the best financial websites to your own site so you can see how well you are doing in comparison.

It might feel odd to do this to begin with, but the outcome can be impressive. You will eventually find you can achieve the aim you have in mind to begin with – to improve your site and bring it up to a standard you may not have achieved otherwise. Just imagine where you might have ended up had you not adopted this new view. Your site may well be doing okay at the moment, but whether it is or not you can always improve it. This is the power of looking outside of your own site to see what is working elsewhere. Once you start doing this you will be surprised at how much more effective your website – and indeed your business – will be.