As an Independent Financial Adviser, you have an important role to play for your clients. This is a responsible role and thus one that requires you to have the most professional image possible.

While you may not think graphic design is important in this sense, nothing could be further from the truth. Professional IFA graphic design can make all the difference to whether someone will glance at your site and move on, or explore further and perhaps get in touch for more information.

People contact IFAs because they want independent, unbiased and professional advice to help them manage their money effectively. If you are unhappy with your existing website, or if you aren’t getting the enquiries you would like, it could be your graphic design is to blame.

So what does IFA graphic design cover? Well, it covers your entire brand. If you don’t have a brand it is time to get one, and graphic design plays a crucial role in establishing this. It can enhance the look of your entire website and provide a strong image that tells the story of your business. When you look at it like this, it is easier to see why you can’t do without it.

Your image can certainly be improved and developed with the help of good graphic design. For starters if people see you have a professional, well designed website with impressive graphics, they will be halfway towards exploring it in more detail. Compare this to landing on a site where the graphics have clearly been an afterthought, and you can see how important they are.

So if you haven’t given due thought to how the IFA graphic design on your website is representing you as an IFA, now is the time to change things, don’t you think?

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