What do you think when you start looking at websites other IFAs are using? Do you notice how the pages are laid out and how easily accessible the menu is? Do you focus on the content and how in depth it is, so you can see how much information visitors can look at? Or are you focused on the design above all else?

In truth, you probably focus on all these things to some extent. A great website is worth far more than the sum of its not inconsiderable parts, even though each of those parts is incredibly important on its own. Think about the content you provide in the way of articles and blog posts, for example. You will also have professional information about your business and perhaps more information on charges as well. You will also have contact information, and of course you will have the design – the bones on which everything else hangs.

But surely this description makes IFA website design a little more important than it should actually be? Isn’t the design just the icing on the cake – the colours and arrangement of the website rather than the actual substance?

It’s fair enough to think this, but in actual fact the design has a far more important role to play than you might at first think. A good way to confirm this is to spend some time looking through some of the websites you find online today. You can focus on looking at IFA websites if you wish, to get an understanding of how your competition is positioned in the marketplace. Which ones appeal to you? Which ones do you want to stay on and browse around in more detail, and which ones do you immediately want to click away from?

Next, analyse what makes you want to stay with the sites you like, and more importantly what makes you want to leave the other sites. The chances are exceptionally high – almost guaranteed in fact – that the design of the IFA website plays a huge role in each case. A great design is easy on the eye and not at all jarring. It guides you in and makes it easier to navigate the website to find the information you want.

If you consider what a bad design can do to a website, you’ll find it repels people in many ways. If you’ve ever visited a website with a black background and brightly coloured writing, you’ll know how off putting and irritating it can be. Even if that website contains the best information online today in its particular niche, you’d never stay long enough to find out.

This is why it is so important to make sure you have all the information you need to help you get the website you deserve.

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