Many financial advisers are extremely adept in their field; often boasting a decade of experience or more in such a trade. In fact, the IFA arena is becoming more competitive than ever before. If you have done even a small amount of research, you are well aware that there is a noticeable disparity between a site that touts itself as giving the “best advice around” and one that instead offers a credible and verifiable service. It should be obvious that the latter is highly regarded, receives more quality clientele and above all, retains these individuals as loyal customers. So, what are the pitfalls of marketing as opposed to presenting a credible, transparent site?

Marketing: All Bad?

To be sure, you will ALWAYS have to market your financial services if you wish to attract your target demographic. It should be realised that marketing in and of itself is not evil, but merely a means to an end. A discrete and well-organised campaign can indeed supply your site with the business end exposure necessary. However, it should end here. Too much salesmanship will allow a site to appear tacky, hastily strewn together and (most concerning) even as if it is trying to “convince” a client of the services rendered. A financial adviser needs to instead rely on experience and testimonials (as should the site itself). A “look at me!” approach may generate clickthrough rates, but these will likely leave after a few seconds in search of a more solid and well-constructed site that appears more no-nonsense than glitter and spice. While targeted marketing is essential, keep it to a minimum in favour of more transparent aspects.

The Power of Objectivity

We have just mentioned testimonials and as an IFA, your site needs to offer a host of truly objective and real consumer reviews. These appraisals of your service will speak volumes to the potential customers. This is in direct contrast to a flashy sales strategy that is comprised only of the company itself. However, we run into another common problem here: testimonials are often placed in an obscure menu at the bottom of a landing page. Statistically speaking, a visitor will generally spend less than thirty seconds browsing a site before returning to the search page. So, you have two choices in this matter:

-Place a clearly defined link in a visible section; preferably near the logo itself.
-Provide testimonial infographics on the homepage (this is the best approach).

The best way to allow any IFA site to become more appealing is through evidence provided by former clients. This lends an air of solidarity to the company while enabling a humble view that will appeal to the general public.

There is an expression that states there is no room for sales in finance. While this is only partially true, a careful balance of marketing and credibility needs to be maintained at all times. This methodology will allow your site to gain the exposure it deserves and the client base you build will be both loyal and grateful for such a down-to-earth approach.