No matter what type of business you have, it is incredibly important to have a website to back up your online promotions. You need to be found, and that applies just as much to an independent financial adviser as it does to anyone else.

To this end, you need a specific IFA website design to help your cause. However, should this design be simple or complex in nature? What does your current website look like and how effective is it when it comes to drawing in visitors – not to mention converting those visitors into paying customers?

There can be many reasons why a website isn’t doing as well as it could be. Sometimes all that’s needed is a simple tweak or two to get things underway again. In other cases it might be something more serious such as a complete overhaul. Whatever the case may be it is important to consider the differences between opting for a complex design and something that is simpler.

While complex may seem to be better in the first instance, this isn’t necessarily the case. Complex websites can be harder for people to navigate and follow. If you don’t make life easy for your visitors they could well give up and go elsewhere very quickly indeed. This isn’t good news because they will probably end up going to your competitors.

In contrast, a simple IFA website design is a very good idea. Simple can still mean effective, and indeed it should mean this. If you focus on finding the right design – something that is easy to follow and yet it still provides everything the client needs – you will be surprised how easy it is to retain more visitors. This is the crux of the matter: many people think a good website should bring more visitors but this is only half the battle. You also need to ensure it can retain visitors because it is only by doing this that you’ll be able to convert them into clients.

So does your current website achieve all this and more? Does your IFA website design hold up to scrutiny or do you find new visitors depart your site within minutes or seconds of arriving there? If this is the case you need to take a closer look at what is happening so you can work out whether you need to make changes – whether they are small ones or big ones. The first step to making changes is to identify that they’re needed in the first place. This means you can look forward to improving the number of visitors who stay on your website and look for more information about your business in the future. Indeed, making changes to your IFA website design in this sense could make all the difference to the bottom line – the turnover your business achieves and its profit levels as well.

Why not take a closer look at your website today to see what else you could achieve with it?