One of the most common things people do when they are thinking about getting a new website design is the cost of doing so. They seem to forget about the huge number of benefits they’ll get from opting for a brand new website. Instead, they think only of how much it will cost them.

This is understandable, but if you are an independent financial adviser it is worth thinking about the money you will spend as an investment rather than anything else. A modern IFA website will be capable of bringing you many more clients than you would otherwise see. First impressions really do have a major impact on what people choose to do once they visit your website. Once you realise how many more visitors might stay on your site, and how many more might go further and ask for information or advice, you can see the benefits. This is when the cost of having your IFA website designed starts to become an investment – and it is an investment that keeps on providing dividends for you as well.

One of the main advantages of thinking in this way is that your IFA web design service is only paid for once. You invest in it when you first get it, but it provides dividends for as long as you choose to use it. This means the actual cost of your new design will be stretched over a long period of time, perhaps several years.

When you start thinking of your web design in these terms, you can see how much easier it is to see the money you pay for the design as an investment. You might experience many more productive and positive changes than you think. For example, you might have 150 people landing on your website per day at the moment, but you may only get enquiries from 5 of those people. What would you say if a new IFA web design could result in doubling the number of enquiries per day? If this happened, you could see more clients as a result – so the amount of money you invested in your new design would soon be earned back anyway.

The more you delve into the idea of investing in a design rather than paying for it, the easier it is to see how this can work in your favour. Buying anything major for your business can be a big decision – indeed it should be. However, you can also make the most of such a decision if you get the right design to see your business develop long into the future. If you want to make the most of your website, it makes sense to ensure it can last for many years to come – just as a new IFA website from CreativeAdviser will.

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