We all know that the world has become highly mobile in recent times. While many of us would sit in front of a static PC, it is now a proven fact that well over twenty-five per cent of all Internet browsing is accomplished through the use of a smartphone or a tablet. What is even more interesting is the fact that these devices have only been available for mainstream use for the last few years. Many analysts feel that within a decade, nearly all forms of browsing will take place remotely. Of course, portals such as those which support social media, online gambling and virtual gaming take such claims quite seriously. Still, you may be wondering as to if this shift is relevant to the IFA industry. After all, will clients still not seek face-to-face meetings and other traditional forms of engagement? The answers to this question may surprise you.

Why a Mobile App?

It first needs to be made clear that the world of finance is likely to always be completed in an office environment. It is doubtful as to if there will ever be an application that will file an individual’s taxes at the end of the fiscal year. These metrics are not the main concern. The priority here revolves around access. Remote browsers need to be able to access your site with the push of a button or with a swipe of their finger. This is the true power of the mobile application. We live in an age of convenience and when a user is out and about, the last thing that he or she wants to do is to be forced to scroll through lengthy SERP results in order to eventually find your web address. Integrating a mobile app widget into your existing platform solves this problem with minimal cost.

Above and Beyond

The second benefit can be viewed from a marketing perspective. Very few IFA websites have embraced this concept. In fact, some have still refused to accept that a live chat option should be employed. So, it only stands to reason that those sites which are able to integrate a mobile app into their system are already slightly ahead of the curve. Furthermore, it will be seen that you are catering to the needs of the customer in question; an enviable trait in the rather impersonal world of finance. This idea alone will present your services in an efficient and streamlined point of view.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of any smartphone application is the fact that it will only involve a one-off fee to activate. Thereafter, it will be another standalone function to drive in revenue and inbound leads. Alongside social media, blog posts and fresh content, such an app is ideal. Also, it is likely that Google will place higher rankings on those sites which possess such an app in the not-so-distant future. All in all, such a virtual investment is well worth the time spent to adopt an efficacious strategy in today’s modern world.