There has been an ongoing debate taking place recently as to whether or not text is more important than video presentations and vice versa. In the world of financial advisers, the traditional methodology has always been to employ a great deal of explanatory text to satisfy the needs of the visitor or customer. Of course, this text can come in a range of forms from frequently asked questions to tutorials and rough explanations of the purpose of an IFA. Videos tended to be relegated to more technologically “relevant” sites. Is there any truth to either of these approaches? Let’s delve a bit deeper into this important question

The Power of the Spoken Word

There is no doubt that the appearance of black-and-white text may indeed be the single most efficient way to inform a visitor of your services and the benefits of choosing your IFA firm. The spoken word carries much weight in this industry; due in no small part that one can always peruse the facts at a later date when it is more convenient. So, there is a very strong argument for text in this case; particularly within the IFA realm.

Seeing is Believing

On the other side of the coin we find flash video presentations. A video is a great way to develop a “personal” touch to your site. The visitor can view the faces and the voices behind the names. A smile can go a long way in selling a product. With the addition of catchy music and interesting video recording methods, your product and branding can be uniquely conveyed. Perhaps more importantly, clients can simply listen to an explanation as opposed to having to scroll what may prove to be a lengthy text. This is very appealing to those who are using smartphones and may not always be able to view your IFA portal in detail.

Which is Better?

So, we have seen the strength of both techniques. You may now be wondering which is the preferred method in regards to an IFA website. If you had guessed that both have equal merit, you are absolutely correct! Text and videos should be used in conjunction with one another to achieve the desired results. For example, you can explain a complicated financial term with a section of text. At the end of this section, you can place a hyperlink to a page devoted to frequently asked questions that are answered in video form. This will help to lend clarity to your site and as mentioned previously, such a “personal” touch is ideal for obtaining new clients.

Like many aspects of modern web design, there is no single answer to help your IFA portal achieve the success that it deserves. Rather, there are various methods that need to be used in combination to achieve the desired results. In this sense, the synergy of text and flash videos is indeed a powerful tool that you will always have at your disposal. As our technology and Internet speed continues to increase, we can fully express even more IFA sites to embrace both techniques with equal importance.