Brookvale Capital is an investment management firm based in North Row, specialising in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As a new business looking to launch their brand, they approached CreativeAdviser to design a bespoke logo and a small, tailored website design to provide a foundation for future digital marketing campaigns.

The results

Establishing BrookVale online.

Brookvale Capital focused on targeting specialist investors who are typically highly savvy with, and embedded in, the stock market. It was, therefore, less important to convey friendliness and comfort through the visual identity, and rather more important to emphasise the technical acumen and professional expertise contained within the company.

These traits were carefully brought out in the logo design through the use of triangular imagery within the logo icon, which uses a graph-like image to convey Brookvale’s experience in the markets. The use of deep blues and black also highlight professionalism, hard work and decisiveness.

The website design achieved the project goals by providing a fast, mobile-friendly set of pages which quickly draw the user into the content through powerful calls-to-action. With potential future search engine marketing campaigns in mind, CreativeAdviser was also careful to ensure a strong coding foundation for content marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

Overall, the website gives BrookVale a professional, responsive online presence with attractive imagery and functionality; including a powerful navigation bar to enhance the user experience.

Brookvale Capital

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