Castlegate approached CreativeAdviser because they recognised the need for a bespoke logo and an updated website design. The company wanted to be proud of their online presence. So they set us the task of enhancing their digital brand experience to build trust, credibility and engagement with their target market.

Project goals
Financial logo design

Redesign the company logo to make it more attractive, memorable and dynamic to use across different marketing materials.

Create a high-quality financial website

Castlegate’s previous website was outdated. The project would, therefore, require a big leap forward in aesthetics and technology.

Brand materials

Castlegate engages with clients via offline marketing. The new logo and website would need to integrate with new print items.

Digital marketing

Castlegate wanted to attract more inbound leads through their website, contacts forms and online advertising efforts.

The results

“Planning for tomorrow, today.”

Updating the brand ended up centring around the company name. Previously known as CFM – Castlegate Financial Management -, we recommended that CFM rebrand simply as Castlegate. This was far more memorable than an acronym and does a better job at immediately conveying the brand’s values.

The new logo was informed from this initial brand repositioning. The logo retained a connection to the old brand, so it would remain somewhat familiar to existing clients. At the same time, it instilled a sense of modernity and freshness whilst achieving simplicity, memorability, distinctiveness and flexibility.

Castlegate’s new website was a significant step forward from the previous website, which was not responsive to mobiles and looked quite tired and old. The new version brought fresh colour and flowing functionality to the web pages, providing a delightful user experience across different browsers.

Important brand assets were incorporated into pillar pages, such as the Chartered Financial Planner logo and team photography – providing more brand authority and social proof. Beautiful brand images were also incorporated into the various sections and layout, providing a much more engaging viewing experience compared to the more text-heavy, old website.

Engaging brand materials.

As a financial planning firm which is highly engaged in offline marketing with their clients, it was important that the new visual identity and website integrated effectively with these assets. CreativeAdviser achieved this by carefully incorporating the colours, imagery, logo and styles into a wide range of brand collateral including letterheads, compliment slips, introductory company flyers, event banners, business cards and leaflets.

Castlegate Client Service Agreement
Castlegate Planning For Retirement

Attracting new clients.

The website then laid an excellent foundation to begin a strong digital marketing campaign following completion of the project. In the months and years since, CreativeAdviser have successfully generated qualified, monthly leads for Castlegate using SEO, PPC and content marketing to convert prospects through the website.

Castlegate did not want to stop simply with traditional forms of marketing in order to engage clients and prospects. Partnering with CreativeAdviser, a series of animated “explainer” videos were gradually created to display the company’s value proposition in a clear, concise and engaging manner. See below for an example of one of Castlegate’s financial planning videos:

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