Cavendish Medical is a financial planning business based in London, specialising in GPs and senior medical professionals. Having previously worked with CreativeAdviser to design their logo, brand and old website, they approached us to create a new, bespoke financial website which would suit the needs of their clients.

Project goals
Design a beautiful, engaging website which brings the website up to date while utilising brand assets such as imagery and client stories.
Provide an intuitive and effective content management system (CMS) to enable staff within the Cavendish offices to add articles and media themselves.
Seamlessly integrate the existing logo, corporate colours and wider visual identity with the new website structure, functionality and layouts.
Ensure maximum mobile and tablet responsiveness to provide an optimum user experience across all browsers, screen sizes and platforms.
Make everything appear contemporary without alienating the user from the fundamental character and values of the Cavendish brand.
Drive engagement, action and conversions on the website through effective use of “lead magnets” and strategic calls-to-action.
The results

“Celebrating Our Heritage”

Cavendish Medical has a very rich brand identity, drawing upon a heritage closely tied to the history of Lady Cavendish and Lord Edward Harley. The family crest, for instance, features a stag which eventually developed into a powerful device for the branding during our first creative project with Cavendish Medical (preceding this one).

It was, therefore, important to incorporate these vital brand assets into the new website design and strike a delicate balance: remaining true to the established, high-quality visual identity whilst bringing it up-to-date with modern advanced in web development technology.

Our team achieved this in a number of ways. The homepage incorporated a range of powerful brand assets into a beautiful, engaging layout – including team photography and imagery derived from the Cavendish Medical brand guidelines. This approach was then emulated on other important, pillar pages within the website. These pages were then optimised to provide an equally-powerful user experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Strategic calls to action were used throughout the new website to drive lead generation, as well as encouraging sign-ups to the Cavendish newsletter for those at the earlier stages of their buying journey. The website was also built with top security and website speed in mind, integrating the domain with an SSL certificate and equipping contact forms with captcha functionality.

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