Duncan &Toplis are a business and tax adviser with offices across Lincolnshire. With their daughter company Duncan & Toplis Probate Services Ltd. seeking to build an online presence, CreativeAdviser was approached to design a fresh, bespoke website design to connect with their target audience and clients.

Project goals
Create a tailored, unique website design which clearly, and quickly, presents the value of the company’s wills and probate offering to prospects and clients.
Design the pages and overall layout to maintain consistent, high-level website responsiveness across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
Integrate the brand’s existing visual identity into the new website design, including assets such as logos showing industry credentials and awards.
To drive more engagement from website visitors, particularly in the form of contact form submissions and telephone enquiries from prospective clients.
Ensure top-level data protection and security compliance to reassure visitor confidence in the website and brand (e.g. using an SSL certificate).
Provide a strong coding foundation for possible, future digital marketing campaign and search engine optimisation (SEO).
The results

“A comprehensive but personal approach.”

CreativeAdviser’s web design team got to work with a bespoke, 4-page website for Duncan & Toplis Probate Services Ltd, with the intention to clearly, and concisely, explain the nature of wills and probate to the target audience and drive them through the content towards an enquiry.

This was achieved, first of all, by creating a beautiful homepage featuring imagery of the Lincolnshire countryside, as well as dedicated sections and calls-to-action for each distinct aspect of the value proposition.

Social proof was strategically incorporated across the website content, integrating the company’s 2017 ICAEW award with the website footers and referencing the firm’s sister businesses as well (e.g. Castlegate Financial, Fidentia and Datcom). The brand’s existing colour scheme and styles were seamlessly woven into the content as well using calm, light-cloured greens and blues to convey reassurance and calm in the website visitor.

The website was built onto an “https” domain with a dedicated SSL certificate, to increase the audience’s trust in the credibility and safety of the brand as they browse the content. Finally, our web development team crafted the website’s sections and layouts to ensure a beautiful, enjoyable user experience across tablet and mobile devices (where most internet activity tends to occur these days!). Overall, a very successful, rewarding and enjoyable project – with many thanks to the project management team at Duncan & Toplis!

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