Elmfield is a financial planning business based in Burnley, Lancashire. Elmfield approached CreativeAdviser to create a bespoke logo for their financial services business, as well as a clear, concise website design which communicated their value proposition to clients.

Project goals
Create a friendly, approachable and professional logo to represent the brand and adapt across marketing materials (e.g. letterheads & social media).
Improve the user experience by providing a clear, straightforward website navigation and set of page layouts.
Incorporate attractive imagery of the local countryside to emphasise the firm’s local, Lancashire roots and reinforce client affinity with the brand.
Utilise more brand assets on the website, particularly client testimonials to reinforce client trust and social proof.
Develop a new financial website which responds effectively to mobile and tablet devices, loading quickly to enhance the user experience.
Provide a clear value proposition within the content to each of Elmfield’s four target audiences.
The results

“Presenting options, providing insight, delivering solutions.”

Elmfield were keen to emphasise to their clients and prospects that their company is a safe pair of hands, easy to talk to and life-giving in its service. For their logo design, these themes quickly converged around a distinct tree icon, making use of deep blues and greens to create a sense of tranquility, sincerity and prosperity.

Imagery of the nearby Lancashire countryside was incorporated into the website design pages, to create further emotional connection with local, high-net worth individuals Elmfield wished to target. CreativeAdviser’s creative team also made use of various client testimonials throughout the website – rather than confining these to one “testimonials” page – to provide continuous social proof and client reassurance throughout the content.

The website was also carefully constructed to ensure a beautiful user experience on mobile and tablet devices, with calls-to-action strategically places throughout the website in order to encourage engagement and conversions from the website visitors.

The services section was also crafted with Elmfield’s distinct audience mix in mind. A bespoke section was created for each group with its own set of imagery and call-to-action, including Families, Individuals, Business Owners and Other Professionals. Overall, the end result of the website was to provide a concise, consistent marketing message to reinforce the value proposition. In light of the positive feedback received, this project takes a proud place in our portfolio.

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