ISGAM is a discretionary investment portfolio management business based in Zürich, Switzerland. ISGAM approached CreativeAdviser in order to develop a new, bespoke financial website design which would connect more effectively with their international client base.

Project goals
Convey prestige, quality and thought leadership to current and potential clients through the new website design.
Develop a new website navigation to provide a more intuitive website journey and improve the user experience.
Include important brand assets into the core pages (e.g. team photos) to connect the new website with the existing brand.
Incorporate more Swiss imagery into the pages and layouts to inspire clients and convey an authentic, national feel.
Design the layout and calls to action to encourage online enquiries, contact from submissions and conversion actions.
Ensure the website is completely responsive to tablets, mobile devices and major browsers.
The results

“Security is a state of mind.”

The original ISGAM website was very old, so it wasn’t long before the benefits of the new website design began to shine through. The new financial website loaded much faster on our dedicated server, and provided a much more enjoyable user experience on smartphones through the responsive elements and layout.

The imagery was carefully selected in line with the brief, conveying a sense of Swiss grandeur through spectacular photographs of the Alps. Clearer, more professional team photos were also included to give the brand a higher-quality, human feel.

The new website included vital digital marketing solutions in order to measure visitor behaviour, including Google Tag Manager and Analytics. The site was also built onto SSL, allowing for a “https:” prefix to the URL in order to increase ISGAM’s search engine rankings, and display the “secure” message to users of the website in their Chrome browser.

Following the project’s conclusion, ISGAM received overwhelmingly-positive feedback from both staff and clients. ISGAM now have confidence showing their website to clients during meetings, and have laid a strong foundation to start digital marketing campaigns in the future.

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