Leodis Wealth Asset Management is a Leeds-based wealth management business providing financial planning and portfolio management services. The business approached CreativeAdviser to undertake a bespoke, multi-page financial website design to bring their online brand into present day expectations.

Project goals
Design a compelling financial logo which could work across marketing materials including the website, business card, social media and letterhead.
Provide maximum cross-browser functionality on the website, as well as ensuring website responsiveness to ever-evolving mobile and tablet devices.
Ensure the new website design featured a clear, easy-to-use navigation to retain website footfall and drive users deeper into relevant content and pages.
Increase user engagement and conversion actions on the website through the use of strategic calls-to-action and attractive contact forms.
Integrate links to Leodis’ third-party assets and software solutions across the new website, including links to the client portal to allow easy portfolio access.
Include a live market update embedded feature within the homepage, to allow users to quickly ascertain the latest stock market movements.
The results

“Investment discipline in a volatile world.”

The new structure and navigation of Leodis’ financial website was made much more streamlined and concise. Previously, the old website contained numerous pages where it was easy for the user to get lost. The new version uses a menu bar which follows the user as they scroll down the page so they can easily find their way back and around.

The sub-menu items take the user to a relevant section further down on the page, rather to an entirely separate page. This makes the financial website much more concise and easy for the firm to manage from a content perspective.

The new website also became much more compatible with smartphones and tablets, facilitating user dwell time and engagement on these devices. The calls to action on the financial website were also made more attractive and were distributed more strategically, to increase online enquiries and conversions.

Finally, the new Leodis website also incorporated a range of client reviews and case studies throughout the website, as opposed to being siloed on a single “reviews” page (which is often the case with many financial planners’ website, and which – in our experience – rarely gets viewed by current or prospective clients). This add much more industry authority, credibility and trust to the brand, thus increasing opportunities to generate new enquiries.

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