Montfort Funds – a Swiss investment fund management firm – approached CreativeAdviser to redesign their company website in early 2018. The overall aim was to communicate quickly, and clearly, the value of investing in alternative funds in Switzerland via a bespoke, one-page scrolling website.

Project goals
Create a prestigious, high-quality website design which projects credibility, conveys an established firm and nurtures trust in the brand from the international target audience.
Provide a clear set of calls-to-action (CTA) to drive user engagement and encourage conversions, particularly in the form of qualified enquiries from prospective investors.
Bring out the Swiss character of the firm, particularly through the use of imagery on the website, whilst putting a “human face” on the brand by including a strong set of team photographs.
Ensure full website responsiveness on all major platforms used by the target audience including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone devices.
The results

“Fund Representation, done right”

The design team at CreativeAdviser collaborated to create a seamless, scrolling one-page website for Montfort Funds, ideally suited for tablet and mobile devices. Working with the Montfort team, the content was broken down into clear, easily-digestible sections in order to clearly and concisely convey the brand values, services and USPs.

The website needed to bring out the Swiss character of the firm, so high-resolution and top quality imagery of the Swiss countryside was selected for the sliders, background images and iconography to utilise across the content.

The end result is a balanced, user-friendly website which communicates effectively with the target audience. There is powerful use of colour and brand assets throughout the site, with a smooth navigation to direct visitors to the appropriate, desired website sections.

The website has brought Montfort Funds’ image more up to date in the digital sphere. This has given advisers and staff more confident in showing it to prospects and current clients.

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