Myers Davidson Ginger is a Chartered Financial Planner based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. CreativeAdviser was asked to create a new, bespoke financial website which updated their user experience whilst incorporating their existing visual identity.

Project goals
Design a professional, attractive financial website which powerfully engages existing clients and prospects.
Drive engagement and conversions from website visitors using effective calls-to-action across relevant sections.
Ensure that the layout and content comfortably incorporate the unique, circular logo of MDG IFA.
Ensure that the website loads quickly and adapts appropriately across all smartphones, tablets and platforms.
Provide a seamless, enjoyable user experience across all pages through a clear menu and navigation.
Provide a stable, industry-standard website foundation for future search engine optimisation.
The results

“Make the right financial move.”

MDG IFA have a strong and very distinctive visual identity which helps to differentiate them from other financial advisers. It was, therefore, important to ensure that this yellow, grey and black was incorporated into their new financial website, which CreativeAdviser’s design team was careful to do across the primary pages through dedicated sections and tailored layouts.

Another important brand asset to incorporate was MDG’s logo – a distinct circular image which naturally took up more room on the web page than other, traditional financial logos. This inspired our team to adopt this style throughout the website content in order to further differentiate the brand from the competition, and provide a sense of continuity and completeness to provide emotional reassurance to the website visitor.

CreativeAdviser recognised that MDG wanted a clear website design which got to the point quickly, and which didn’t require hard work from the user. We achieved this with a series of strategically-placed calls to action on each page, driving the visitor to the content they most wanted to see. The website was also made responsive to mobile and tablet devices to provide an optimal user experience across platforms, and provided further brand credibility by making use of client testimonial and case studies across the different web pages.

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