MyWealthAdvice is a succession service geared towards financial advisers, offering them a means to sell, merge or develop their business. CreativeAdviser was approached to develop a bespoke, one-page scrolling website to articulate the value proposition, and to lay the foundation for possible future digital marketing campaigns to promote the service to financial advisers.

Project goals
Design a clear, concise financial website which quickly conveys the value proposition to IFAs.
Ensure fast page loading speeds without compromising on image quality or other web-based assets.
Provide an intuitive, interactive navigation so the user can easily find the sections and information they want.
Provide a strong SEO foundation for possible future digital marketing campaigns aimed at IFAs.
Incorporate the new logo design, corporate imagery and brand colours within the overall style and layout.
Design the content and layouts to ensure maximum website responsiveness across mobile and tablet devices.
The results

“The future of financial advice.”

MyWealthAdvice has quite a unique value proposition, and it would be easy for the message to IFAs to get lost if the website design was not carefully crafted. CreativeAdviser focused the selling point and value proposition in a number of ways, including a clear navigation bar which directs the user to a relevant section further down the page.

This feature, along with strategically-placed calls-to-action throughout the content, helps to ensure that the financial website is engaging and enjoyable to use as a one-page website. This is reinforced for the IFA audience through the use of attractive, engaging imagery of financial advisers interacting with clients across each section.

MyWealthAdvice wanted to include a personal touch on the website, so we made sure that strong images of the staff were included in the team profiles section – which also lists the management’s experience with M&As for financial adviser firms.

The website was also designed with a strong coding foundation for future search engine optimisation and pay-per-click campaigns. An important part of this process was ensuring that the website is fully responsive to desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

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