New Vision is a forward-thinking company based in the UK. They are a group of Independent Financial Advisers who look beyond traditional methods to ensure the security of their clients money.

New Vision needed a powerful brand when they approached CreativeAdviser; one which clearly conveyed their message, identity and values. We settled on bright, strong colours to evoke feelings of energy, endurance and positivity; all feelings they seek to cultivate with their clients.

The results

Holistic financial management.

We used a fresh, clean font for the New Vision logo together with a vibrant orange used to convey a vitalising effect; much like the effect they have on their clients’ investments.

We incorporated a circle snapshot of lively lines to represent the lively cycle of life which affects the way we use our money. It was also important to communicate the holistic nature of New Vision’s financial and management services. This informed our choice of imagery for the branding, which included images of nature, sports, and other cosmopolitan visuals on their website and marketing materials.

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