In 2018, two financial planning businesses – Paradigm Norton and The Red House – came together in a business merger. In order to manage the transition for clients, they approached CreativeAdviser to create a bespoke financial website with the following objectives:

Project goals
Uphold and promote the prestige and quality of The Red House and Paradigm Norton brands, leveraging powerful brand assets (imagery, photos etc.).
Create a website to reassure and inform clients of both businesses about the merger, inspiring confidence that the change is a positive development.
Encourage users to watch the merger video featuring the company directors, providing further reassurance and trust in the new merger.
The results

“People Matter.”

The challenge of the PN/RH project was creating a website which convincingly, clearly and reassuringly explained the merger to clients – something potentially scary and complex.

This state of affairs provided an important rationale for keeping the website structure simple, limiting it primarily to one scrolling homepage and a team section.

High-resolution photography and powerful, sharp imagery were also utilised to reassure clients with the feeling that the development was positive, well-managed and well-planned.

This was also reinforced by a short, personal interview-style video at the top of the page which clearly explained what the merger is, how it will work and how it will benefit their clients.

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