Paradigm Norton is a reputable, established financial planner with offices in Bristol, London and Torquay. With the aim of refreshing their online presence, Paradigm Norton approached our team to create a new, modern financial website. The project’s goals included:

Project goals
Powerfully-displaying their unique, high-quality visual identity.
Enabling the website to seamlessly adapt across all mobile devices and browsers.
Utilising their brand assets effectively (e.g. accreditations and awards).
Providing a fast load speed and compelling, enjoyable user experience.
Incorporating high-impact video assets.
Integrating existing digital marketing channels and account into the new website (e.g. Google Analytics).
The results

“For Life”

Paradigm Norton already had a powerful and beautiful financial website. However, it was out of date and did not respond well to modern, internet-enabled devices (particularly smartphones). The new website brought the user experience to the next level, allowing Paradigm Norton’s current and potential clients to easily navigate the content regardless of the their technological needs or the platform they are using.

The new website remains true to the prestigious brand boasted by the previous website, yet provides a fresh layout and approach to its high-definition brand photography, imagery and stylistic approach. The homepage now includes an engaging video which plays as soon as the user arrives on the page, encouraging user dwell time and movement through the site.

Paradigm Norton’s new website makes powerful use of the company’s multiple industry awards, reviews and client testimonials in order to provide social proof and reassurance to the website visitor – thereby encouraging website engagement and conversion rates. The web pages also load quickly despite the widespread use of high-definition imagery and video assets, which can often slow a website down.

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