The director of Tandem Financial tasked CreativeAdviser with creating an original, compelling logo and website design which would provide ongoing value and inspiration to Tandem Financial’s existing clients. The project brief involved the following objectives:

Project goals
Add value to existing clients of Tandem Financial Ltd, inspiring them to pursue their life goals through great, original content boasting stunning images.
Create a set of “bucket list” guides which clients can download and engage with, providing a set of resources to inspire and motivate them to dream.
Design a compelling, bespoke logo which would connect with the brand’s values, communicating the value proposition quickly and memorably.
Develop a set of “Why Plan?” resources which clients can use to start assessing their own life trajectory, and set some realistic goals.
Create a high-quality, beautiful website tailored to create an amazing user experience across all mobile devices, platforms and browsers.
Provide a set of strategic, attractive calls-to-action across the website to encourage clients to sign up to the Tandem Financial newsletter.
The results

“What’s next?”

One of the main goals of Planning Your Adventure was to inspire clients to ask themselves: “What’s next?”, with regards to their bucket list goals. This “What’s next?” idea eventually formed an important strapline for the brand, referenced across the website.

To achieve this goal to inspire, the website needed to incorporate well-written, compelling articles speaking on adventurous topics, also including sharp and stimulating imagery.

We therefore gathered over 70 unique articles to sit on the website, covering 12 different areas of adventure including Travel, Family, Experience, Fitness and Events.

The end result of the project has been a powerful logo, website and set of content used by Tandem Financial, to inspire current clients and attract new ones to the firm.

The website is highly unique among the financial adviser sector, which tends to focus on the technical aspects of optimising finances. The Planning Your Adventure website, therefore, gives Tandem Financial a much broader appeal and unique selling point to current and potential clients, helping them see money as a means to helping them live life to the full.

The website was also successfully launched and promoted at a gathering of Tandem Financial clients at Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire, receiving overwhelming glowing and positive reviews.

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