Sterling Trade Finance offers invoice and trade finance solutions to small and medium sized businesses occupying the enterprise market. CreativeAdviser was approached to update and refresh both their company logo and website design, to enhance brand trust, loyalty and engagement from both existing clients and prospects.

The results

The sailed ship.

Sterling wanted to convey a sense of overseas adventure, exploration and entrepreneurialism with their brand and visual identity. CreativeAdviser’s design team naturally landed on the concept of a sailing boat for the new logo to reflect these themes, tying it into a calm, beautiful blue and white colour scheme to balance this with a sense of safety, trust and stability.

The blue, white and grey colour scheme also psychologically linked the maritime theme with the values of professionalism, efficiency and communication which are so vital to Sterling’s business.

The next phase was an exciting project which incorporated these new visual assets into a multi-page, well-structured financial website. The website included a corporate login for Sterling’s clients, as well as a bespoke contact form where prospective clients could register their requests for Sterling’s specialist finance solutions.

These digital features, coupled with targeted calls-to-action on different webpages, ensure that Sterling’s website doesn’t simply act as an attractive information-hub for their company. The website has also effectively served as a lead-generating machine, as well as a portal for managing client satisfaction.

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