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Are you a financial firm looking to provide useful, engaging content to your clients? At CreativeAdviser, we offer branded financial reports, client guides and industry fact sheets which you can use to inspire, inform and offer value to your clients.

Our work covers a range of sectors including financial advisers, financial planners and wealth managers, giving you access to content assets which can be used across a range of platforms and marketing channels.

For IFAs, Financial Planning Firms and Wealth Managers

Beautifully designed & branded with your firm’s logo and colours.

Do you want to position yourself to clients as a thought leader and trusted authority within your industry? At CreativeAdviser, our writers can offer you the content you need to engage with your client base and prospects – complete with your own logo, colours scheme and visual identity integrated to make it your own.

Excerpt from a tax planning guide

Tax Year End Planning Guide – 2018/2019

As the end of the financial year approaches, and the tax landscape is continually changing, we have put together this guide to ensure that you are making the most of the allowances and reliefs available.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

You can contribute up to £20,000 to your ISA in the current tax year. Your contribution can be allocated to cash, stocks and shares or a combination of both. Any income or gains generated by your ISA are completely free of tax, and you can withdraw money at any time. On death, an ISA can be passed to a spouse or civil partner, retaining the beneficial tax treatment.

If you have taken any money out of your ISA, you can replace it in the same tax year without using up any of your annual ISA allowance.

Financial Copywriting Services

Written by our team of professional copywriters and financial advisers.

Our copywriters include experienced financial services writers and even financial advisers themselves. Not only does this give you access to content with a high degree of relevance and accuracy, but it also helps ensure that your articles and content are written in an engaging, accessible way from your readers’ perspective.

The areas where we have particular expertise and knowledge include inheritance tax, pensions, estate planning, retirement, money management, mortgages and investments. We can also write on a number of niche areas as well, including QROPS and SEIS/EIS. Get in touch if you have a particular content marketing need which you do not see listed here.

Attract new clients

Use your content assets to market to attract new clients.

Do you have a landing page which needs a “lead magnet” to encourage subscribers or sign-ups, such as a whitepaper or eBook? Perhaps you need a set of content guides for current clients, to educate them on an important aspect of wealth management. At CreativeAdviser, you can use our content assets across a range of marketing channels and campaigns to drive more brand awareness, engagement and lead generation.

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Financial Services
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Feature them on your website, newsletter or client portal.

Do you need specialist, premium industry factsheets or guides for a dedicated client area on your website? Perhaps you need articles for a monthly client newsletter, or various downloadable content assets for your website. Get in touch to discuss your precise content needs with our team, today.

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Frequently asked questions

What sorts of fact sheets and guides do you offer?

Our portfolio of services in this area is constantly growing as financial advisers provide feedback on the types of materials they need. Popular solutions include guides which encourage clients to take advantage of end-of-year tax benefits and allowances. Others include fact sheets showing performance of different markets/indexes and reports outlining industry trends/insights.

How do you integrate our branding with the fact sheets and guides?

Our resources are specifically designed for an optimal white-labelling solution. That means, provided we have access to your logo file, brand colour values (e.g. HEX, RGB) and appropriate brand imagery, we can seamlessly integrate your brand assets into the various layouts without the overall design appearing “shoehorned”.

I’m a small financial adviser business. Which reports, guides & fact sheets do I need?

It really depends on your specific stage in your business life cycle, your marketing goals and your distinct client base. Typically, small financial adviser businesses might want to consider a dedicated financial planning guide for their clients who are business owners, or who are approaching retirement. Others like to go further and provide extra value by including an end-of-year tax guide.

How does payment work?

Once you inform us about the types of guides, fact sheets and reports you are interested in (e.g. via our contact form), we can then send a quote to you outlining our recommendations for a range of different options which might suit your needs. Once you are happy and accept the quote, an initial payment is typically due up-front (e.g. 50%). The rest is usually due at the end.

Are your guides and factsheets checked for compliance?

In our experience, every financial adviser has a different compliance department with a range of requirements. Our client guides and factsheets will therefore require sign-off from your own compliance department prior to publication and/or distribution to your clients.

What format does your content arrive in?

Typically financial advisers like to receive their files in PDF format. This makes it easy to upload onto your WordPress website, for instance, or add as a well-presented attachment to a client newsletter campaign. However, we can send in other formats if you prefer including .doc and .docx if you prefer.

How long does it take to produce your guides, etc.?

Since our fact sheets, reports and guides are white-labelled products these items are typically branded and sent back to you within 7 working days. If you would like a more bespoke solution (e.g. a tailored report or guide with your own charts and graphs) then this might take additional time to produce. Please let us know your requirements and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Do you offer client consent agreements and data protection forms?

CreativeAdviser is a creative and digital agency. Whilst we can provide a range of content which you can add your branding to, internal and legal documents such as client consent agreements would need to be supplied to us, by you, in order for us to add your branding to them.

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