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Engaging financial videos to connect, inspire and educate.

Video has the power to engage financial services’ clients more than almost any other media, generating brand awareness and engagement from current and potential clients. Find out more about our animated “explainer” videos for financial firms, as well as our bespoke video solutions for those wanting maximum impact.

Watch our 2018 UK Budget Summary Video

Video has the power to engage financial services’ clients more than almost any other media, generating brand awareness and engagement from current and potential clients. Find out more about our animated “explainer” videos for financial firms, as well as our bespoke video solutions for those wanting maximum impact.

Bring your brand to life

Few things make financial firms look as dynamic, interesting and modern as compelling video content. Get the facts across clearly and quickly, engaging your audience and building trust.

Future-proof your business

With video content soon set to dominate internet search results and activity, investing in video lays a solid foundation for your financial brand to remain engaging and relevant for years to come.

Increase conversion rates

Videos are proven to increase dwell time on websites and make prospects more informed and comfortable, giving you a better chance of turning a website visit into a qualified enquiry.

Case study

O’Neill Financial Services
Pension Transfers Video

Kevin O’Neill, Director of O’Neill Financial Services, wanted a short financial video to explain his pension transfer services to his clients. CreativeAdviser was happy to oblige, developing a concise explainer video to convey the firm’s services in an attractive, digestible format.

Using a powerful set of animations and soothing music, the user is carried through the video’s message in a comfortable way which puts them at ease. The result is greater clarity, trust and peace of mind, encouraging the potential client to enquire via the web form or by picking up the phone to an adviser.

Case study

Fowler Drew
Defined Benefit Pensions Video

Fowler Drew wished to engage with their target audience via Facebook ads, and dynamic Google Ads campaigns. By partnering with CreativeAdviser, Fowler Drew received a powerful, animated financial video to capture the attention of qualified users in their news feeds.

With defined benefit pensions and pension transfers in general, it’s easy for the client to feel overwhelmed with the complexity of it all. By producing a short video, Fowler Drew was able to bring clarity to the subject and peace of mind, encouraging the client to reach out and make contact.

Case study

Castlegate Financial Management
Pension Services Video

Castlegate is a financial planning business who wanted to produce compelling, informative videos for their clients about each of their service areas.

Since pension advice is one of the key solutions offered to HNIs in Lincolnshire, they asked our production team at CreativeAdviser to create a video which outlines, in a digestible form, how their process works and the value it offers to their clients. The resulting video easily embedded onto their website and monthly newsletter, as well as linking nicely into digital marketing campaigns.

Case study

2018 UK Budget Summary Video

At CreativeAdviser, our creative team is constantly producing valuable content for financial planners and their clients. Below, you can see an example of one of animated, “explainer” videos about the 2018 UK budget which has been successfully used on financial planner newsletters.

Case study

Bure Valley
Promotional Video

Bure Valley group is an investment management firm, working primarily in the field of EIS and SEIS. Their aim is to join sophisticated investors with innovative UK startups, especially in the tech sector.

They approached CreativeAdviser because they needed a short video to articulate their value proposition clearly, and succinctly, to these two target audiences. The end result was a great video asset they are able to use in their Google Ads and Facebook campaigns, as well as on their newsletters to new and current clients.

Case study

Impact Investment Video

Worthstone were still in the early stages of starting up when they came to CreativeAdviser. They needed a high impact way of communicating a relatively complex, new area of investing (at the time) in the simplest way possible.

We created a very simple, cost-effective video to promote the work of Worthstone, who help to bring social impact investment to maturity among Independent Financial Advisers. The video consists of a blend of “talking head interview” and simple graphics to communicate the story effectively. Original music was then overlaid to create an engaging piece of communication.

Case study

Promotional Video

PerformIT, an IT services company which provides IT Support & Forensic eDiscovery services, approached us with a project brief to help them communicate the brand’s offering to a more specific target audience.

After storyboarding and scripting, we created original music and graphics after filming a series of interviews. This created a compelling and concise piece of film. Client testimonials were also used throughout the video to establish PerformIT as a credible, trustworthy choice.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does your financial video production cost?

Let’s tackle the most common question head on! Costs for our financial video production service are influenced by a number of factors. An important consideration is the type of video you need. If you require a purely animated video then the costs are lower than a project requiring on-location shooting, a camera crew and complex editing. Animated videos start from £850 per video. For the latter project type, you are usually looking at an investment of £3000+.

How important are videos to financial firms?

Consumers are increasingly going online to educate themselves about brands prior to making purchases. The content they consume, moreover, quite often is video in nature. This is no less true in the world of financial services. Bluntly put, financial firms which neglect motion picture risk getting left behind. Indeed, it is estimated that up to 82% of web content will be video by 2021. Make sure you are speaking the language which everyone is set to speak!

What audio and/or voiceover services do you provide?

For some financial firms (e.g. large corporates) a voiceover can make a video appear and sound more professional. If you want voices, however, we tend to recommend involving those of your staff, directors, clients and stakeholders to provide an air of authenticity. Regardless of the type of audio included, the sound production will be edited to a high standard to ensure clarity and quality. We can also include background music where appropriate, as well.

What can I practically do with a financial video?

Videos are hugely versatile and powerful brand assets for any financial services business. Our clients use them, for instance, during client on-boarding meetings or during pension seminars. Others upload them to digital platforms to use in marketing campaigns, such as Facebook Ads or Youtube Ads. Educational videos can be a powerful resource on a services page of your website, moreover, to clearly and concisely explain a key aspect of your value proposition.

What type of file/format do your financial videos use?

All of our financial services videos are supplied in the industry-standard formats, such as .mp4 and .mov. This allows you to integrate and embed your video easily onto a wide range of media and platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and WordPress websites – viewable on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. If you require your video in a different file format, however, then please do let us know and we will provide it for you at no additional cost.

How do graphics and branding work with your video projects?

If your financial video requires bespoke graphics, then our digital design team can certainly provide these elements for you. This process might include a logo animation, for instance, or a set of transitioning infographics. If you have brand assets you need to include in the final video file (e.g. brand colours, styles and straplines) then we can also integrate these naturally.

What sort of timescales are involved in financial video production?

The answer to this question depends on the type of video you need, as well as how many you require. For instance, a purely animated “explainer” video usually takes less than a month to produce, edit and publish. A series of videos involving camera crew, multiple site visits, graphical effects and a significant editing and production period can span over 2-3 months. Please let us know ahead of time in your project brief what you need, and we can specify.

How does the video production process work?

Assuming our proposal and quote are accepted, all of our videos start with a discussion with you about the main video message, audience and purpose. From there, the storyboard and script are put together and sent to you for review. Once signed off, we proceed to the production stage which involves the physical filming, recording and graphic design work for the video. After this, we edit the file to optimise the audio and visuals before presenting it to you.

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