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Branded Budget Summaries
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Are you a financial planner or adviser looking to provide useful content to your clients when the UK government budget comes around? At CreativeAdviser, our team can provided the branded, authoritative content you need to engage and inform your clients.

Concise yet full of depth, your annual Budget Summary is the perfect piece of client communication to boost your thought leadership credentials and provide a valuable touch-point with your brand.

Covers important topics such as…
2018-2019 Budget Highlights Cover
Income tax
Higher rate threshold
Pensions & welfare
Personal allowances
For IFAs, Financial Planning Firms and Wealth Managers

A Budget Summary for your clients branded with your firm’s logo.

If you’re looking for a well-written summary of the top financial planning implications of the latest UK budget, without shoe-horning your brand onto the document, then our Budget Summary is an ideal solution. Our design team works with our content writers to ensure that your logo and brand colours integrate seamlessly with your Budget Summary, making it your own when you present it to clients in an email or other marketing campaign.

12 page Budget Summary
Promotes your services
Engaging design & content
Keeps clients informed
2018-2019 Budget Summary Guide
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Easy to use formats
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PDF & Flipbook Budget Summaries

Provided in a range of formats to use on your website, newsletter or portal.

Different financial firms tend to want to present information about the latest budget in distinct ways, according to their target audience and marketing strategy. At CreativeAdviser, our design and technical teams cater to these needs by presenting your Budget Summary in flexible formats, including a downloadable PDF which you can upload to your website or attach to your newsletter campaigns.

Alternatively, we also supply a “flip book” version of the Budget Summary complete with your logo and colours, allowing for a more prestigious and interactive content experience for your clients.

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Budget Summary Videos

Budget Summary videos, perfect for engaging time-poor clients.

To quickly communicate the Budget highlights in a few minutes, choose to receive your Budget Summary in animated video format. Once again, we can ensure that the presentation includes your logo and contact information at the start and end of the video. Your video would also be hosted on the Vimeo platform, which allows you to easily embed your video onto your blog, landing page or website if you so choose.

Branded with your logo
Under 2 minutes long
Easy to use & share
Great for clients
Excerpt from the 2018/2019 Budget Summary

On the higher level, the Budget spoke about the economy. Notably, the deficit has reduced from 9.9% in 2009/10 to 1.1% today, and 3m more people are in employment.

There were also increased spending commitments for defence, the NHS and England’s roads. Primary schools will get an average of £10,000 more in funding. Secondary schools, on average, will get an extra £50,000.
Closer to home, there were also announced changes to the Personal Allowance, housing and business allowances and relief.

Read on for a summary of some of the important points likely to affect you. For more information on the 2018 Budget and how it impacts your financial situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Professional Budget Summary Content

Written by our team of professional copywriters and financial advisers.

Our copywriters include experienced financial services writers and even financial advisers themselves. Not only does this give you access to content with a high degree of relevance and accuracy, but it also helps ensure that your Budget Summary is written in an engaging, accessible way from your readers’ perspective.

The areas where we have particular expertise and knowledge include inheritance tax, pensions, estate planning, retirement, money management, mortgages and investments. We can also write on a number of niche areas as well, including QROPS and SEIS/EIS. Get in touch if you have a particular Budget Summary content need which you do not see listed here.

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