Financial Logos and Branding

We help financial firms create a logo and brand in their industry which builds recognition, trust and client loyalty.

Some of the logos and brands we have created
Warwick Capital Logo
Bure Valley Group
Weston Murray & Moore Logo
Montgomery Charles Logo
Castlegate Financial Logo
Planning Your Adventure
Tandem Financial Logo

Handcrafted logo design to
raise the profile of your firm.

Do you want a financial logo which is memorable, unique and which stands the test of time? Our financial logo designers can create a compelling, visual focal point which expresses your unique brand character. We can make it flexible to adapt to your different marketing platforms, whilst conveying the prestige and quality your clients are looking for.

Castlegate Client Service Agreement
Castlegate Planning For Retirement

A tailored branding process that creates recognition.

The best brands are those which others wish they had first thought of themselves! Some of the financial brands we have created (such as Planning Your Adventure) have had exactly that effect. Are you looking for a bespoke, high-quality financial brand which captures and holds attention? You are talking to the right people.

Tandem Financial Logo
Planning Your Adventure

Refreshing your existing brand to increase trust and client loyalty.

If you are looking to re-imagine your visual identity or bring a fresh look and experience to a tired financial brand, then you are about to embark on a well-trodden path. Our branding specialists can help you flesh out meaningful answers to important questions you have long been asking about your brand. We can also identify answers to questions you might not have thought of!

Suttons IFA

A coherent stationery set and brand collateral that communicates prestige and quality.

The little pieces of your brand each play a vital role in bringing a compelling visual identity together. At CreativeAdviser we have a strong portfolio showing how we have designed branding and stationery for financial services firms. Whether you need branded client folders, brand guidelines, letterheads, compliment slips or pop up banners, our creative team can assist.

Designed with your unique set of DNA and values in mind.

Every financial firm is different in its distinct set of messages, character traits, values, target audience and business goals. The power of a great financial brand lies in its ability to effectively communicate these to the world through imagery, brand collateral and more. Our design team can help you externally exhibit the quality your business possesses internally.

Capture your audience with originality and innovation.

Few things are as off-putting as a low-quality, cliched or “spin-off” financial services brand. On the flipside, few business assets are as powerful and memorable as a unique brand which occupies fresh, original creative space. Looking to break new ground with your financial services brand and capture the attention of new clients? Speak to our team today!

Frequently asked questions

How long does your financial branding process take?

Every project is different, so there is no set answer to that question. Some projects take less than a month. Some can span over 6 months, or even longer. It depends on the scope of your project brief, your timescales and our studio time availability. Rest assured that although we are a busy agency, we are also flexible and are usually able to accommodate your project needs.

Will I be able to use my logo on all my brand collateral?

Our designers specialise in financial services, and so are familiar with the kinds of materials financial firms need their logo to adapt to. Our creative team places a high priority on creating a logo for you which is not only memorable and unique, but also flexible to sit comfortably on letterheads, social media profiles, thumbnails and more.

How much does a financial branding project cost?

Our design work is done to a very high standard, and we are one of the UK’s few creative agencies specialising in financial services. As a result, you might find the project investment higher compared to the offers of more generic creative agencies. Our solutions are for those who recognise the importance of using an industry specialist, and who want a bespoke, high-quality financial brand.

Do I get a dedicated project manager?

Yes, you do. At CreativeAdviser, we refer you to one main point of contact at our business when you partner with us in a financial branding project. Ideally, you will have a main point of contact at your own firm to liaise with this person. Of course, other design specialists at our firm will likely get involved at various times, and we welcome participation from your other stakeholders.

Which brand collateral materials do I need?

At the very least, your financial services firm needs a strong brand name and a compelling, unique logo to provide your target audience with a distinctive, visual focal-point to identify your brand. Beyond that, you might want to consider the design of your letterhead, compliment splits, client folders, brochures, pop up stands, brand guidelines and exhibition materials.

Are there any hidden costs?

At CreativeAdviser, we like to be up-front with costs. We find that everyone benefits most when all parties are aware of the project investment from the very beginning. Throughout the course of your project, if you require additional work which falls outside of the scope of the original, accepted project proposal, then we might provide a quote in order to cover our time.

How does payment work?

Payment for financial branding projects is typically split across multiple stages, spread across a number of months. At our firm, we require an initial payment at the outset of the project in order to formally-book the studio time. From this point, usually there are a set of separate stage payments leading up to the final stage payment, which is due once the project is set to conclude.

Which financial services firms do you work with?

We work with a wide range of financial services businesses. Originally, our design solutions were offered primarily to financial planners and IFAs. Over the years, the creative team has expanded its areas of specialisation to asset finance companies, asset management, wealth management, trade finance, SEIS/EIS investment and more.

If you’re ready, start your project today. Or contact sales on 0117 374 2000.