Maybe a better question would be – what do you expect from financial websites whenever you pay them a visit? If you did a quick search now and looked for a few of the top results, what would you expect to see there? Not the specific companies, but the websites they use.

It’s fair to say your primary focus would be how professional the site is and how it looked. Appearances really do count for a lot, and if you are going to present the right image you need to be sure you can make the right impression from the very beginning. This is the kind of thing you’ll have in mind when you visit financial websites, so you should focus on the same things when you create yours.

A lot is made of content nowadays when it comes to the internet. The oft-repeated phrase about content being king is worth repeating for a reason. However it is not the be all and end all of a good website. Indeed, if you focused on this and nothing else you could be leaving a lot of business on the table. If you target your words correctly and provide the right content to appeal to a specific group of people, you will get targeted traffic to your website. However, if they arrive and all they can see is a very basic site with good content but an unprofessional appearance, they may not think about going any further. If you have a website of this ilk at the moment and people are landing on it, only to disappear just as quickly, you may have this very problem.

It’s interesting to note your existing website has clues such as this that you can use to help you find the best approach to take with your own website. If you already have a site you should spend some time noting what does work before you think about changing anything. A new website design sounds like an appealing prospect and indeed it is – if it is done correctly. You can learn from your successes and your mistakes if you are about to invest in a new website design, purely from looking at other financial websites as well. They have more to share with you than you might think.

In the end people expect a good service and good presentation from financial websites like yours. They also expect helpful information and regularly updated details as well – about services and about other areas of interest. In short if you want to be sure your own website is up to scratch, it helps to give it the once over every now and then. Occasionally it will be time for a new website design, which is your chance to ensure people will have a whole new image to associate with your business.

So how long has it been since you had a brand new website design? If you want to keep up with other financial websites it could be a good time to get a new design now.