As a financial copywriter or marketer, your ultimate goal will be to sell. This means creating current and exciting content to engage old and potential customers. Part of this process is to include keywords, that will draw your audience in and persuade them to purchase your products or services.

Knowing the words that work means you can naturally place them throughout your copy, in turn creating a strong and valuable part of your marketing campaign. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 selling words, for you to use in your financial marketing.



Selling is all about putting your clients and audience at the centre of the story. People want to hear about how your services will affect them, how you can solve their problems, meet their goals. Talk about them.



Rather than talking about benefits and features, focus instead on how your services can add value. Make it clear what your audience will gain from working with you.



This may seem obvious, but we mean that you should use ‘and’ as a replacement for the word ‘but’. When dealing with concerns and is far more inclusive than but, and puts the reader at ease and more likely to agree with you.


4 DO

Instead of telling the audience that you will ‘try’ to do something, tell them that you will do it. You look dependable and trustworthy, all things which will inspire confidence in your financial marketing and ability to deliver.


5 OR

By giving choices to a client, you effectively double or triple your chances of getting a sale. You should always look to present options, rather than just one way. You want to avoid a ‘take it or leave it’ feeling, in case they do choose to leave it.



Your audience won’t like to feel like their being ordered around. Switching the phrase ‘we should’ in to ‘should we’, instantly creates a tone that you’re all working together. Remember point 1, make the client the focus of the copy.



Terms like consensus express agreement. This not only works to create a positive mindset but also makes your audience believe that other customers have felt the same positive way about working with you.



Sales messages that come in the form of stories tend to stick in the mind of the reader more effectively. Giving your business ‘sticking’ power by using terms like imagine is more likely to see your audience remember you and in turn convert into customers.



Depending on the type of copy you’re creating, if it can be personalised with the reader’s name you should make it happen. Personal touches like that create an emotional response within your audience, making them feel special.



During your marketing, you need to make sure you avoid any language that hints at problems, no matter how small. Take the time to make any situation appear to be an opportunity. Creating a feeling of excitement will inevitably lead to more sales.



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