Forgive us for asking such a direct question. But it’s a question that is well worth asking if you want your financial business to impress its target audience.

Broadly speaking there are two main issues many financial advisers come up against when managing their website content. Firstly, the content itself tends to get pushed lower down the list of things to do. When faced with assisting a client or writing that overdue blog post, the client should and will always come first. Secondly, unless you’re an experienced writer your content may not give the right impression even when you do get round to publishing it.

Both of these hurdles are very important to tackle successfully. The best way to do it is to invest in financial copywriting. While you may be able to put together a reasonably good article it may not be polished enough to give the impression it deserves. Remember, every article is a reflection of your business. If it isn’t quite professional enough, some visitors to your site may question your professionalism too – even if there is no good reason to do so.

Financial copywriting also means you can hire a writer who is experienced in this area. They will know how to use the facts relating to your business services in a fresh and engaging way. The content will not only be readable, it will also be correct in the details that are equally as important. In contrast you will know all the facts, but you might struggle to put them together in a way that will draw in more readers.

In truth, financial copywriting is designed to bring in visitors and hopefully clients as well. Publishing regular articles and blog posts on topics that will interest your clients is an essential part of maintaining and updating your website. It shows your clients you are thinking of them. It also provides useful information for your more casual visitors to benefit from – even if they decide not to use your services initially. Part of the battle is getting people to remember you, particularly when few will engage with your services the first time they find you. At that point they may simply be shopping around to find out more. If you can connect with them straightaway by using strong and engaging content that is well-written and fact-packed, you stand a much better chance of converting more visitors into buyers.

As such you cannot underestimate the power your writing can have on your audience. It’s quite common to be a great financial adviser and yet not be able to write your own content. Even if your grammar and spelling are excellent, this is very different from being able to turn out an engaging, well-thought-out and flowing article or blog post. If you hire someone else to do the work for you, you can also get on with other things you are an expert at, and you’ll know your website is getting the content it deserves too.